SpecReva is a multi-review and specifications site for Gadgets, the coverage of our reviews include smartphones, tablets pcs and laptops. This site was launched on October 2016 and is hosted in United States. The website started as a all-in-one review site for automobile and gadgets, but specialized after a month to base reviews specifically on devices. Specreva will later on establish a subdomain autos.specreva.com to offer reviews for automobile. Don't miss an opportunity of finding the latest and most trending devices from various brands both at the local level(Kenya) and at an international level, exclusive coverage in our news section.

Mission Statement

To offer comprehensive reviews, specifications and news of gadgets[smartphones,laptops and tablets] from all over the globe.

Our Goal and purpose

SpecReva helps you get viable information of a product you are interested in owning by gathering data from various sources then presenting summarised information in a well designed webpage representation. . We source our data only from official manufacture sites and trusted parties and regularly perform updates on our content to reflect original sites. We welcome your suggestions of how we can improve our services to visitors and partners as we even strive hard to ensure quality content and offer easy to navigate site.

The accuracy of specifications of reviewed gadgets is optimal and unlikely to change. In the event you find inconsistency within the information provided; visitors are encouraged to air their concerns within the discussion section.
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I am full stack web developer, my proficiency lies in HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I develop web apps using laravel and bootstrap frameworks. TechPotter Developer Agency

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We are grateful to have a dedicated team of writers, who are inspired by their passion for technology.